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Team Events - Waterfall Triathlon PT4, MT4, ET4 & PAT3

Pro / Masters / Emerging Teams - Event 4

Pro-Am Teams - Event 3

Waterfall Triathlon

For time:

MM Pair 1

1K Run

2.5K Bike

1K Row

FF Pair 2

1K Run

2K Bike

1K Row

Order: MM/FF Time cap 22 minutes

This event will be performed as a waterfall relay. All four athletes begin on the starting mat. At the sound of the beep, both male athletes will move forward to the Assault Air Runner and run 1,000 meters. Once the monitors on both runners read 1,000 meters the male athletes will move forward to the Concept2 Bikes, at which time the female pair may move to the runners to perform their 1,000m run. The event will continue in this fashion with the women following the men through each station. The women may not move forward to the next piece of equipment until the men have cleared that station.

Monitors will not be reset in-between the male and female pairs. The female pair will simply pick up where the male pair left off. This means the women will have finished each station when… the runners read 2,000m, the bikes read 4,500 meters, and the rowers read 2,000 meters. The event is over when the female pair crosses the finish line.

Scoring: Score equals the total time it takes for the team to complete the event.

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