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Athlete Information

The Torian Pro has been carefully designed to give athletes, spectators and crew the best possible experience. Details on this page are intended to give all athletes competing at the Torian Pro the key information you need so that you can get the most out of yourself once competition begins.


Please read this information carefully and in its entirety, and if you have any further questions please email us at



The Torian Pro has been carefully designed to give athletes, spectators and crew the best possible experience. Details on this page are intended to give all athletes competing at the Torian Pro the key information you need so that you can get the most out of yourself once competition begins.


Please read this information carefully and in its entirety, and if you have any further questions please email us at




Athletes will be required to check in on Thursday 25 May at anytime between 2pm and 6pm via the main entrance to Pat Rafter Arena.


When you arrive, proceed to the check-in table allocated for your division where you will receive your event accreditation which will serve as your access to enter the event each day.


Elite Individual athletes will be required to attend the Day 1 Briefing on Thursday evening, 19 May at 6pm. 

Elite Teams (all four team members) must be present at the Day 1 Briefing on Friday morning, 20 May at 7am.


*Elite athletes will check in by providing event staff with a valid and generally accepted form of identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. All athletes from a team must check in together. Photo ID must be provided by all team athletes. Team captains also will confirm the team’s four competing athletes at registration. 


Community Teams are required to have at least one team member present during Thursday check in between 2pm & 6pm.

Masters & Teen athletes must check in on Thursday anytime between 2pm & 6pm.


*Community divisions including Teams, Masters, & Teens will be provided with workout brief information by video closer to the event. It is the responsibility of all athletes to watch the video briefs relating to their specific divisions.




Athlete Accreditation: 1 x Athlete Wristband & 1 x Athlete Lanyard


Athlete Wristband – Must be worn at all times to be granted entry to the venue. Athletes will be unable to enter the venue if they are not wearing their athletes wristband. We ask that you DO NOT remove this wristband at any stage throughout the course of the weekend. Replacement wristbands will NOT be provided.


Athlete Lanyard - Must be worn at all times to be granted entry to the venue and moving around the precinct. Lanyards must ONLY be removed when competing and placed in a secure place during this time. Lanyards will NOT be replaced if lost or stolen.


Please note: If any Athlete is found to be abusing the accreditation process in any way, they will be disqualified from competition.




All competing athletes will be given access to the Bronze seating section of Pat Rafter Arena. Seating in this section is non-assigned.


Athletes are free to purchase tickets in the Gold or Silver sections when they go on sale to the public, should they choose to secure seats closer to the action.




Elite Division athletes are eligible to claim a coaches pass, with one coaches pass per Individual and one per Team being available for the three days of competition. This pass is intended for coaches only and may not be used by any other individual to gain entry to the venue and subsequent restricted athlete areas.

1. Athletes must nominate their coach by emailing prior to 30 April 2023.


2. Coaches must be onsite during the registration process to receive their credential.


Only one coach per athlete or team will receive a credential for the entire competition. Coach credentials are non-transferable. Coaches must be 18 years or older


Coaches will be permitted access to the Elite Athlete Warm-Up Areas during your competition times only. These areas are for the exclusive use of athletes and their coaches and will be monitored by security and crew.


Coaches access is via the rear (Clay Court) stairs located on the eastern side of the stadium from the Vendor Village next to Door 5.


Stadium seating for Coaches is in the Bronze seating sections of the stadium.


Replacement Coach wristbands will NOT be provided if lost or stolen. Coach wristbands are to be worn at all times and not removed until the conclusion of the event.


Teen Division athletes do not require a coaches pass. Parents or guardians will have access to warmup and recovery areas as required.

Any athletes or coaches found abusing the Coaches Pass privileges will be removed from the competition.




Located in Level 1, the lower level of the Pat Rafter Arena, this area has been assigned for Elite Athletes and their coaches to rest, recover, and prepare throughout the day and during their event times. A small kitchen and microwave is available for food preparation and this area will be manned by Venue Security and event crew.


NB:  Due to the nature of the competition only registered Elite Individual and Elite Team athletes, their coaches, and relevant Event Crew will be permitted in both the Elite Athlete Lounge and Warm Up areas. No children will be permitted in these areas.




Food is available for purchase however athletes are permitted to bring their own specific food and hydration needs for competition.


Elite athletes will have access to a microwave in the Elite Athlete Lounge, and a water cooler in the Elite Warm Up area located inside the stadium on Level 1.




There will be two warmup areas functioning over the course of the weekend:


Elite Individuals and Elite Teams | located inside Pat Rafter Arena on level 1.


Pro / Pro-Am Teams, Masters / Teen Individuals | located outside and adjacent to the competition arenas.




Athletes must be in the marshalling stalls 10 minutes prior to their heat. It is the athlete's responsibility to know when your heat time is and to be prepared for the event. If you miss your heat you will be given a score of zero for the event and may be removed for the remainder of the competition.




We are pleased to have Peak Sports and Spine Centre supporting the 2022 Torian Pro. Their extensive treatment and recovery services will be made available for FREE to all athletes onsite in two locations. For more information on their available services click here.




An extensive Medical Team will be available onsite to assist Athletes, Coaches, Judges, Spectators and Event Crew in the event of a medical emergency, injury or first aid requirement.




There are specific attire requirements set forth by CrossFit that all athletes are required to follow during a live competition. Failure to abide by these requirements may result in a warning, point deduction, or disqualification.


Please refer to Sections 7.02 & 7.03 of the 2023 CrossFit Games Rulebook for full details on all attire and personal equipment requirements including shoes, weightlifting belts, wrist wraps, hand protection, adhesives & lubricants, swimwear, supportive suites, electronic devices etc.




The community experience of the Torian Pro is most important to us, and we want everyone to enjoy their time at the event. The Torian Pro has zero tolerance for poor behaviour and Event Organisers will not tolerate any person who is physically or verbally abusive, aggressive, or harassing of crew members, judges, fellow athletes, or spectators. 


We expect all athletes and coaches to treat one another respectfully at all times. Event Organisers reserve the right to remove any person from the competition who breaches this code of conduct.




Community competition appeals submitted via Competition Corner. Elite competition appeal forms available from athlete control.


Both the Community competition, and the the Elite Competition will be utilise the same appeals process as laid out in Section 4.10 of the 2023 CrossFit Games Rulebook as seen below:




Athletes or team captains should file onsite appeals, test protests, or scoring questions with the Head Judge or Athlete Control lead immediately following the event or at the earliest possible opportunity. Coaches are welcome to be involved with the appeals process but only after the completion of the event and in conjunction with the athlete. 


Judgment calls made during an event are final and not negotiable or subject to change, modification, or appeal. In addition, athletes may not protest discrepancies related to the judging, scoring, or performance of another athlete or team. 


An athlete or team CANNOT appeal live judgment calls and no reps by the judge. Common examples include, but are not limited to: 

Most range of motion faults (end ranges of rep) such as: 

Depth of a squat 

Extension of hips, knees, or arms 

Stabilization of a lift or equipment overhead 


Examples of events or actions an athlete or team CAN appeal include: 

Scorecard or leaderboard data inconsistencies or errors 

Counting inconsistencies or errors (i.e., the total number of repetitions completed was incorrect) 

Loading inconsistencies or errors 

Course markings or directional inconsistencies or errors 

Equipment or monitor failure that was not the responsibility of athlete 

Miscommunication by a judge regarding movement standards, or event order or direction. 

Action of another athlete or person that impeded the athlete’s progress 


Two appeal rule: 

Athletes/teams will start the competition with two appeals. 

Following each test, athletes/teams have the option to appeal (see eligible list above). 

If after investigation the appeal is granted, the athlete/team will retain their appeal count. 

If after investigation the appeal is denied, the athlete/team will lose one appeal from their appeal count. 

If an athlete/team exhausts their appeal count, they will not be allowed to make any other appeals over the remainder of the competition. 

Missing mandatory competition responsibilities such as athlete registration or test briefings may result in a loss of an appeal at the Head Judge’s discretion.





The Torian Pro will deliver the Drug testing policy as laid out in Section 4.14 of the 2023 CrossFit Games Rulebook as seen below.




Drug testing is required for any individual athlete or team to advance to the Games or collect prizes. Failure to comply with CrossFit’s instructions and the instructions of the collection agent(s) through the entire drug testing process may result in the athlete, the team, or members of the team forfeiting a prize and being disqualified from the competition and future competition(s). 


Athletes selected for drug testing will be notified by CrossFit or event staff and escorted to the drug testing area for the administration of the drug test.




For the community competition:

In the event of injury or some other circumstance beyond your control, teams may substitute a total of one athlete on their team roster. In the event more than one athlete from the original team of 4 who qualified through the Torian Pro Online Qualifier is unable to compete, the team will be ineligible to compete at the Torian Pro. Details on updating your team information and roster via Competition Corner can be found here.


For the Elite Competition:

Before the start of the Semifinals competition, any two men and two women from the team’s competition roster (designated before the Quarterfinals) will check in onsite and compete. As long as the two men and two women checking in at Semifinals are part of the team’s competition roster, they may be different from the two men and women who completed the Quarterfinals. Once the two men and two women have checked in onsite, no other athletes will be involved in any way in the onsite check-in process, nor will they be eligible to compete at Semifinals. The remaining members of the team’s competition roster may only be used should a team member be unexpectedly injured or forced to withdraw prior to check in at the Semifinal event.




If you are registered to compete at the Torian Pro and for any reason are unable to attend the event, please email 


*Please be aware that once registration has been paid in full no refunds will be maid available.



Upon entry each day Security may ask for a visual bag check.


We do not have the ability to store luggage at the venue so please arrange that with your accomodation.




Please see detailed information on parking and ride share services here.




Media passes are only available for the contracted CrossFit Games and Torian Pro media teams. All images and video content of the elite competition is owned by CrossFit Games LLC and Torian Events Pty Ltd and may not be used for marketing or promotional purposes unless authorised.



The use of professional grade camera equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited inside Pat Rafter Arena.

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