We're here to help you discover what you're capable of. From the latest performance apparel, freshest footwear and quality gear, to the latest in equipment. We have everything you need for your first workout to your next competition, all in one place.

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The CrossFit Seminar Staff and Training Team will be running lectures, breakout groups and workouts all weekend as part of the CrossFit Training Booth. Irrespective of your experience with CrossFit, this is a great opportunity to see components of the CrossFit Level 1 as delivered by the “red shirts”.

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lululemon is a technical athletic apparel brand designing gear for yoga, run, training and everything in between—but we’re more than just that.

We’re a mindful movement that believes if we push past our sweaty boundaries, we’re able to build the strength to push ourselves in other aspects of life.

This is who we are. This is lululemon.

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LSKD is an Australian-owned and operated brand that prides itself in producing high-quality functional sportswear with a street aesthetic through our 3 pillars of sport, fitness and adventure. Our mission is to inspire people to ‘chase the vibe’ by developing and delivering quality sportswear that resonate with our experience-driven community.


ATP Science is considered a cross over brand, with products spanning performance, health and wellness, and convenient snacks. 


Often considered to be the trend setter in the supplement and health market with noticeable achievements in there top rated podcast on health and performance, as well as unique formulations supporting gut health, male and female hormone supplements and many other award winning products. However, it is the Noway range of collagen supplements that ATP Science is most well known for.

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Rx Smart Gear Australia supplies industry leading Jump Ropes, Speed Ropes, Drag & Heavy Jump Ropes, Grips, Adaptive equipment, fitness gear and double under coaching. Our goal is to promote fitness, wellness, performance & community to all ages and participation levels.

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Supporting Australia & New Zealand’s best CrossFit athletes since 2015 with our range of active apparel & training accessories. Check out or epic range of Men’s & Women’s apparel, knee sleeves, belts & more.

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Gorilla Health is a QLD based online retailer specialising in CrossFit accessories featuring the sports leading brands including; AIRWAAV, Bear KompleX, WOD Welder, Calicure and a growing range of quality Gorilla Health products designed for the everyday athlete.

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4Time is Australia’s premium accessories and apparel provider. Offering brands like Victory Grips, 2POOD, RPM Training, JUNK Headbands and our own premium clothing and accessories. We provide the products to make you a better athlete.

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The Hippy Chippy Australia, hand-crafting premium gym equipment here in Brisbane. From plyo boxes and slant boards to weight lifting platforms and parallettes. Whether outfitting your box or looking to upgrade your home gym, The Hippy Chippy will deliver the best quality equipment nationwide.


WPN & SORA Active


WPN has quickly become one of Australia’s leading training and Activewear apparel brands, combining aesthetic design with functionality that transitions effortlessly into everyday life. 

In 2022 WPN expanded their offering to include sister brand SORA Active which has exploded on to the scene, featuring premium quality, performance driven Activewear for women with the same purpose driven mission as WPN.

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From launch in 2016, RooGrips took the Australian CrossFit community by storm, flipping the script that grips are just a necessary evil, to becoming a prized possession in every athlete’s gym bag.


RooGrips are now beloved by athletes all over the world for their unique qualities of being super slim and super strong.


Whatever your energy needs, CLIF has the natural, organic, plant-based options to fuel your workouts and keep you going all day long. A leader in targeted, on-the-go nutrition, choose from the original CLIF Bar and Nut Butter Filled Bars to the Energy Shots and BLOKS and CLIF Builders Protein Bars.

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FITAID helps you recover clean after your next workout or physical activity, with key vitamins & essential nutrients.


Only the good stuff, none of the junk.

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At Sensei & Co. our mission is to empower through strength.

We are proud that our products come from being deeply rooted within the culture, with designs that come with meaning and thought. 

Strong Mindset. Strong Lifestyle. This is what we represent.

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We started Slant Board Guy to disrupt the fitness industry and change the way people deal with knee pain.

By creating the Slant Board and focusing on strengthening the supporting muscles around the knees, we’ve been able to help people heal after injury, enhance their overall fitness performance, and reactivate their power.


CFK Nutrition is making nutrition coaching sexy. We are the renegades of online 1:1 nutrition coaching and we are about more than just the macros. We are accountability wizards, in it for the long-term and we value sustainable results over before and after photos.

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BXFT Fitness Apparel also known as BOXFIT offers size inclusive activewear, apparel and accessories for the fitness community. We are a small family business with a passion of providing fun and comfortable products that everyone will love. If you are looking to create your own branded apparel or merchandise we do that too with full custom services available.