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To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all patrons please carefully read the following information regarding conditions of entry to the Torian Pro and the Queensland Tennis Centre.

Special Conditions of Entry during public health emergencies:

Please note: In accordance with Queensland Health directives, patrons are not required to provide proof of vaccination status to enter the Torian Pro. This information is subject to change and we encourage you to refer to Queensland Health to observe any updates to these requirements.

By entering the Event precinct, Patrons acknowledge that there is a heightened risk of contracting COVID-19 and the Event precinct owner and Event organiser do not guarantee that it is or will remain a COVID-19 free area. The Patron assumes all risk for any loss or damage caused in this regard while in or around the Event precinct.

By entering the Event precinct and providing required contact information, each Patron authorises the Event precinct owner or Event organiser to collect and store a Patron’s personal data, and may share it at any time with relevant authorities for the purposes of contact tracing.

Patrons may be denied entry to, or removed from the Event precinct for any failure to comply with any direction or request from the Event organiser, including but not limited to, additional health and temperature screenings or subsequent failure to meet satisfactory results from those screenings, refusing to sit in the designated seat, or failing to adhere to any social distancing, hygiene practices or other processes, as deemed appropriate by the Event organiser.

Patrons acknowledge that by entering the Event precinct, they are not currently exhibiting any respiratory symptoms (including but not limited to a cough or shortness of breath) sore throat, fatigue, loss of smell or taste, a runny nose, diarrhoea, nausea/vomiting or loss of appetite, or that during the past 14 days, they have not had close contact with a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, or have lived in or travelled through a COVID-19 hotspot.

If one or more symptoms are present, a Patron must not attend the Event or attempt to enter the Event precinct and should immediately seek medical advice in accordance with the directions of relevant health authorities.

Click here for latest COVID-19 Hotspot and Border zone information and visit Queensland Health for latest updates.

In addition to the Special Terms of Entry during public health emergencies, these conditions govern access to the Torian Pro and the supply of all tickets to the Torian Pro on behalf of the Event organisers. These conditions work in conjunction with Stadiums Queensland’s (SQ) Conditions of Entry.


1. Access: Patrons entering the Event precinct must have a valid event ticket with an allocated seat. Athletes, staff, media and vendors must have offical Torian Pro accreditation.

2. Event Control: Event organisers reserve the right to refuse you entry to, or remove you from, the Torian Pro or take other action considered appropriate, for the safety and comfort of other patrons, staff and participants.


2. Infant Tickets: Free tickets are available for children (0-2 years) however infants must not occupy a seat. Please note, the venue does not have allocated areas for prams or strollers. Unless a seat is purchased for a child, infants must remain on an adult's lap.

3. Junior Tickets: Juniors (3-15 years) are permitted in the gold, silver and bronze sections and are offered a discounted ticket price.

4. Children: All children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 years of age or over) at all times during attendance at the Torian Pro. Parents or guardians who accompany children at the Torian Pro are responsible for their care, conduct and supervision.

5. Event scheduling: All events of the Torian Pro, and the released scheduling is subject to change across the duration of the event.

6. Refunds, credits or replacements: If the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) applies and you have purchased your tickets, you will be entitled to a full refund, credit or replacement ticket where competition for all your ticketed days of the Torian Pro (as designated on your ticket) does not commence at all. However, please note refunds, credits or replacements will not be issued:

a) to holders of complimentary tickets; or
b) where the failure to commence competition was caused by circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the event, such as: injury, illnesses, bereavement, travel delays or other issues which prevent all athletes from being able to commence competition; significant safety issues or concerns; extreme heat, rain, other adverse weather; natural disaster, war, sabotage, riot, act of terrorism, national emergency; fire, explosion, power shortage; strike or other labour difficulty; epidemic, quarantine, government intervention, or plant or equipment breakdown.


7. Safety, comfort and conduct: To maintain safety and to encourage the enjoyment of all patrons during the Torian Pro, Event organisers advise of the following:


a) QTC security may inspect clothing, containers, packages and bags inside the Torian Pro precinct or intended to be brought into the QTC.

b) You must not leave bags or packages unattended at any time unless in designated athlete / team areas. For safety reasons, any unattended bags or packages may be removed and/or destroyed.

c) Some areas of the Torian Pro are exposed to direct sunlight, heat and other elements. Seating may be in the sun for part or all of the day. Remember to stay hydrated and use sun protection.

d) You must follow all directions given by representatives of Event organisers and staff, police or event security.

e) Access to areas licensed for the sale of alcohol within the Torian Pro will be managed in accordance with Queensland liquor control legislation. Some areas of the Torian Pro may only be accessible to patrons over 18 years of age, with proof of age that is current and valid in Queensland.


8. Your property, your responsibility: Whilst at the Torian Pro, you must take care to protect your own property from loss and damage and take steps to prevent your property causing safety issues or damage to other people or property. Event organisers, will not be liable for any loss or damage to any property.

Please note: There is no dedicated area for luggage storage, Please make arrangements with your accomodation to store if required.


9. Your safety, your responsibility: Whilst at the Torian Pro, you must take care to protect your safety and the safety of others. 


10. Medical assistance and information: You authorise the Event organisers, its medical contractors and any other third party medical service providers at the Torian Pro to administer any medical assistance, treatment or transport you seek, or as is reasonably necessary in the circumstances (the costs of which you may be responsible for). In connection with such any assistance, you consent to the disclosure of your personal information and relevant medical details to Torian Pro and their insurers, and any other relevant third parties.


11. Prohibited items: For the comfort and safety of patrons and athletes, the following external items are NOT permitted at the Torian Pro:

a) alcohol & illicit drugs

b) commercially prepared food

b) glass (including bottles), drink and food cans, or metal cutlery including knives; 

c) flags, banners, signs with handles longer than 50cm;

d) animals other than assistance animals;

e) musical instruments, whistles, loud hailers, amplification equipment; 

f) drones, flares, fireworks, firecrackers, smokebombs and laser pointers;

g) bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, rollerskates; 

h) water guns, toy/replica weapons, squirt bottles, soap bubbles, frisbees, balloons, brooms, skateboards, in-line skates, skates, etc.

i) any other dangerous item or weapon.


The following items are permitted, however such items are subject to security check on arrival at the Torian Pro and must be presented for security approval. Torian Pro and Stadiums Queensland maintain the right to prohibit any of the below items as deemed necessary for the safety and comfort of others:


j) non-alcoholic beverages or drink bottles in plastic;

k) non-commercially prepared food, in permissible packaging;

l) plastic or paper cutlery only;

m) deodorant and perfume;

n) medicine;

o) selfie sticks; and

p) umbrellas.

12. Prepared food: Athletes, staff and patrons may bring in prepared food for their specific dietary requirements or for children.

13. Photography and videography. 

a. The use of professional grade camera equipment of any kind is strictly prohibited inside Pat Rafter Arena.

b. Non-professional, non-flash photography and video 
cameras are permitted at the Torian Pro for personal use only provided all cameras (video and still) are hand-held with interchangeable or telephoto lens no
longer than 7cm in length at full extension.


Monopods, tripods, and cameras with telephoto or interchangeable lenses greater than 7cm at full lens extension (professional photography equipment) are not permitted. Spectators, attendees, visitors and guests may not distribute, use, reproduce, stream, upload, transmit, broadcast, link, exploit or license any description, account, images, pictures, film, digital, video or audio recording, in whole or in part, for any commercial purpose without the prior express written consent of Torian Pro in each instance.

b. Torian Pro may, at their discretion, provide credentials necessary to gain access to media areas at the event for the sole and exclusive purpose of editorial coverage and athlete media relations. All credentialed media must be on editorial assignment or be otherwise authorised by Torian Pro. Time, area, and scope of access will be at the sole discretion of Torian Pro. Credential(s) and access may be revoked at any time by Torian Pro with or without cause. Torian Pro reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to grant or deny any application or request for a credential and may revoke credentials at any time in its sole discretion, for any reason or no reason.

c. Still images: Still images may not be used for any commercial or retail purposes whatsoever, and may only be used for promotional purposes upon written permission from Torian Pro.

d. Video Footage: Video footage may not be used for commercial or retail purposes whatsoever and may be only used for promotional purpose upon written consent by Torian Pro.


14. Prohibited conduct: For the comfort and safety of patrons and athletes, the following conduct is NOT permitted at the Torian Pro:

a) conduct towards any athlete, Event or venue official or another patron in a manner which offends, insults, humiliates, intimidates, threatens, disparages or vilifies that other person;

b) disruption or interruption to any event at the Torian Pro;

c) damaging or defacing of any part of the QTC venue or any other person’s property; 

d) unreasonable disruption or interference or obstruction to patrons of Torian Pro or other persons engaged in the operation of the Torian Pro; 

e) conducting public surveys or opinion polls, handing out promotional items, soliciting donations or subscriptions, other commercial or political disruption;
f) obstructing the view of a seated patron (including by opening umbrellas within spectator areas) while an event is in progress; 

g) transferring a ticket that has already been used for entry;

h) ball games of any kind;

i) removal of footwear, or public nudity/indecency; and j) concealing identity with a scarf, balaclava, mask or other item unless for a religious, medical or other justifiable reason.


15. Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited within Queensland Tennis Centre.

16. Capture and use of image: You consent to being photographed, filmed and recorded at the Torian Pro. You acknowledge that in order to enhance security, surveillance equipment (including security cameras) are used in and around the Torian Pro. You also consent to the use of any film, image or recording of you at the Torian Pro or in or around the Torian Pro at the discretion of Event organisers, its commercial partners, broadcasters, media and news agencies, and law enforcement agencies without compensation or further notice.

17. Prohibited use of tickets: The licence granted to you via the ticket is personal to you and may be terminated by the event (without refund) if: (i) you do or the event reasonably suspects that you have done, or (ii) any subsequent bearer of the ticket has done or the event reasonably suspects that any subsequent bearer of the tickets has done, any of the following without the prior written consent of the event:
a)  resell the ticket at a premium;
b)  resell the ticket through an unauthorised broker or agent; 
c)  advertise or offer the ticket for resale on the internet or in any other medium; or
d)  package, advertise or use the ticket for advertising, promotion or other commercial purposes (including competitions, trade promotions or bundling the ticket into your own hospitality offering/package).

In addition to the above, for any breach of this clause 17, the event may terminate any other licences granted to you via the purchase by you of any other tickets to the Torian Pro.

18. Official Ticket Seller & Reseller: OZTIX are the official and ONLY seller of all Torian Pro tickets. The organisers will not be held responsible for unofficial tickets that have been purchased from an unauthorised seller. Official tickets can be sold and bought via TIXEL.

19. Changes. Event organisers may alter these conditions if such changes are reasonably necessary to address safety issues or otherwise protect the event's legitimate interests by giving you notice (by email or by posting it on Torian Pro's website).

20. Cyberbullying Policy.


'Event': means Torian Pro & associated functions;
'Event Organiser': means the entity licensed to use the
Event precinct to present the Event or any of their respective agents and representatives;
'Patron': means any person who enters the
Event precinct at any time whatsoever, whether as the holder of a ticket or otherwise;
Event precinct': Queensland Tennis Centre (QTC).

If you have any questions regarding these terms please contact the Torian Pro Team at

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