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  • Do I need to complete the Torian Pro Online Qualifier to qualify in the Elite Individual and Team divisions?
    No. Athletes aiming to compete at the Torian Pro in the Elite divisions only need to register for the Open via the CrossFit Games site. Successful qualifiers will be invited directly by The CrossFit Games team.
  • What will the community competition look like at this years Torian Pro?
    2023 will see a return to our roots with the reintroduction of our Teams of 4 format (2 male/2 female), as well as the return of Individual competition for Masters and Teens athletes.
  • Which divisions will qualify through the Torian Pro Online Qualifier?
    Pro Teams, Pro-Am Teams, Masters Individuals and Teen Individuals.
  • Where will the Torian Pro Online Qualifier be hosted?
    Competition Corner.
  • What workouts will be programmed for the Online Qualifier?
    The CrossFit Open workouts released each week will also be used for the Torian Pro Online Qualifier.
  • What dates will the Online Qualifier be held?
    Week 1 - Feb 17 - March 21 Week 2 - Feb 24 - March 28 Week 3 - March 3 - March 7
  • Can I register for multiple Divisions?
    Yes. However you will need to register with a different email address/Competition Corner profile for each Division, and you can only accept an invitation to compete at the Torian Pro in one Division.
  • How will workouts be scored for the Online Qualifier?
    Each week teams will enter the combined score for all 4 athletes into Competition Corner where they will be ranked within their respective divisions. Individual Masters and Teen competitors will simply enter their own score.
  • What about the Pro vs ProAm Divisions? Which should I enter?
    All teams wishing to qualify in the Pro or Pro-Am divisions of the Torian Pro will compete together in the Torian Pro Online Qualifier. At the end of the 3 weeks the top 40 teams will qualify for the Pro division, while teams ranked from 41 to 80 will qualify for the ProAm division.
  • What are the age categories for the Masters and Teen Individual divisions?
    Masters 35-39 years 40-44 years 45-49 years 50-54 years 55+ years Teens 14-15 years 16-17 years
  • Which age group division am I eligible for?
    At the Torian Pro athletes will compete in the same age groups divisions they are automatically placed in on the CrossFit Games site upon registering for the 2023 season.  See below for an expert from section 1.10 of the 2023 CrossFit Games rulebook regarding age group eligibility: “An athlete’s competitive division will automatically be assigned based on birthdate and gender, unless the athlete selects an adaptive division during registration. For non-adaptive athletes, the athlete’s age as of July 14, 2023, will determine which division the athlete will compete in during the 2023 season.” Age Group: • Boys and Girls 14-15 (Born on or between 15/7/2007 and 14/7/2009) • Boys and Girls 16-17 (Born on or between 15/7/2005 and 14/7/2007) • Men and Women 35-39 (Born on or between 15/7/83 and 14/7/88) • Men and Women 40-44 (Born on or between 15/7/78 and 14/7/83) • Men and Women 45-49 (Born on or between 15/7/73 and 14/7/78) • Men and Women 50-54 (Born on or between 15/7/68 and 14/7/73) • Men and Women 55-59 (Born before 14/7/68)
  • How many days of competition will there be at the Torian Pro?
    All divisions competing at the Torian Pro will involve 3 days of competition (Fri, Sat & Sun).
  • What level of programming should we expect to see in each division at this years Torian Pro?
    Pro Teams - Quarterfinal level programming ProAm Teams - Open level programming Masters Individuals - Age-Group Semifinal level programming Teen Individuals - Age-Group Semifinal level programming
  • How many qualifying spots for the Torian Pro will be available in each division?
    Teams of 4 Pro Teams - 40 Pro-Am Teams - 40 Masters Individuals 35-39 years - 8 40-44 years - 8 45-49 years - 8 50-54 years - 4 55+ years - 4 Teen Individuals  14-15 years - 8 16-17 years - 8
  • Is it compulsory to register for the CrossFit Open in addition to the Torian Pro Online Qualifier?
    No. Registration for the CrossFit Open is not compulsory. However, the Open leaderboard on the CrossFit Games site will be used by our judging team to crosscheck and verify all scores entered into Competition Corner for the Torian Pro Online Qualifier. Should any athlete choose not to register for the CrossFit Open they will be required to film all 3 qualifying workouts, with at least one workout being called on by the Torian Pro judging team to be reviewed at the conclusion of the Online Qualifier.
  • Can I change my team roster in the event of injury or athlete unavailability?
    Yes. In the event of injury or some other circumstance beyond your control Teams may substitute a total of one athlete on their team roster. In the event more than one athlete from the original Team of 4 who qualified through the Torian Pro Online Qualifier is unable to compete, the team will be ineligible to compete at the Torian Pro.
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