Do I need to complete the Torian Pro Online Qualifier to qualify for the semifinals in the Elite Individual & Team divisions?

No. Athletes aiming to compete at the Torian Pro in the Elite divisions only need to register for the Open via the CrossFit Games site. Successful qualifiers will be invited directly by The CrossFit Games team.

What will the community competition look like at this years Torian Pro?

In 2022 the Torian Pro will return to a same sex pairs competition for all divisions with the exception of the Elite Teen Individual competition.

Which divisions of the Torian Pro will qualify through the Online Qualifier?

All Community Championship divisions including Pro, ProAm, Masters, Emerging Pairs, and Elite Teen Individuals.

Where will the Torian Pro Online Qualifier be hosted?

Competition Corner.

What workouts will be programmed for the Online Qualifier?

The CrossFit Open workouts released each week will also be used for the Torian Pro Online Qualifier.

What dates will the Online Qualifier be held?

Week 1 - Feb 25 - March 1
Week 2 - March 4 - March 8
Week 3 - March 11 - March 15

How will workouts be scored for the Online Qualifier?

Each week pairs teams will enter the combined score of both athletes into Competition Corner where they will be ranked within their respective divisions.

What about the Pro vs ProAm Divisions? Which should I enter?

All pairs teams wishing to qualify Pro or ProAm divisions of the Torian Pro will compete together in the Online Qualifier. At the end of the 3 weeks the top 40 pairs teams will qualify for the Pro division, while pairs teams ranked from 41 to 80 will qualify for the ProAm division.

How do I qualify for the Emerging division?

To qualify for the Emerging pairs division pairs team must complete the scaled versions of the Open workouts.

What are the age categories for the Masters pairs division?

35-49 years, and 50+ years.

How many days of competition will there be at the Torian Pro in May?

All divisions from Elite to Emerging will involve 3 days of competition (Fri, Sat & Sun).

What level of programming should we expect to see in each division at this years Torian Pro?

Pro - Quaterfinal level programming
ProAm - Open level programming
Masters - Open level programming
Emerging - Scaled Open level programming
Elite Teen Individuals - Quaterfinal level programming

How many spots will be available in each division per gender?

Pro - 40 pairs
Pro Am - 40 pairs
Masters 35-49 years - 20 pairs
Masters 50+ years - 20 pairs
Emerging - 20 pairs
Elite Teen Individuals 14-15 years - 8 individuals
Elite Teen Individuals 16-17 years - 8 individuals