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Final - Teams: Pro / Pro-Am / Masters / Emerging

Final 🏆

Pro Teams - Event 5

Masters Teams - Event 5

Emerging Teams Event 5

Pro-Am Teams - Event 6

30-24-18 reps for time of:

Worm Thruster


Time cap 15 minutes ⏱

Masters: Worm squats

Emerging: Worm deadlifts

This event begins with all four athletes on the starting mat. At the sound of the beep, athletes will move forward and begin performing 30 worm thrusters. Next they will complete 30 synchro burpees over the worm. Once the 30 synchro worm burpees have been completed they will advance the worm to the next section before performing 24 thrusters, and then 24 synchro worm burpees. The team will then advance the worm one more time where they will perform 18 thrusters, and then 18 synchro worm burpees. Time stops when all four athletes have reached the finish line.

Scoring 📝

Score equals the total time it takes for the team to complete the event.

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