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Clean & Jerk: Teams - Pro / Pro-Am / Masters / Emerging

Clean & Jerk 💪🏼

Pro-Am Teams Event 1

Pro Teams Event 2

Masters Teams Event 2

Emerging Teams Event 2

1 rep max clean & jerk

Time cap 6 minutes for each pair (13 minutes) ⏱

The 2 women from each team will share one platform and have a total of 6 minutes for each woman to find a 1 rep max clean and jerk. One athlete lift’s at a time, in any order. Following a one-minute transition, the two men will have 6 minutes to lift in the same fashion.

Scoring 📝

These will be two separately scored events. The sum of the women’s heaviest successful lifts is the score for one event, and the sum of the men’s heaviest successful lifts is the score for another event.

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