Qualify for the Finals!

There are only three ways athletes can earn their “Pro Card” to compete at the Torian Pro Finals on 8th, 9th & 10th of November.

1) Past Champions will be invited to compete.

2) Special Pro Card invites may also be sent out to Legends of the sport & past Games athletes.

3) Athletes can Earn their Pro Card via the Torian Pro online qualifier.


Key Dates:

Workout 1: Aug 9 - 13

Workout 2: Aug 16 - 20

Workout 3: Aug 23 - 27

Qualification Spots:

Pro Individual

- Top 32 Males / Top 32 Female

Pro Pairs

- Top 32 Male Pairs / Top 32 Female Pairs

Pro Am Pairs

- 33rd-64th Male Pairs / 33rd-64th Female Pairs

Pro Teams

- Top 16 (MM/FF)

Pro Am Teams

- 17th-32nd (MM/FF)

Beginner Teams

- Top 8 (MM/FF)

Masters Teams (35+)

- Top 8 (MM/FF)


Masters Individual (35+)

- Top 8 Males / Top 8 Females



1. Athletes across all competition divisions will complete the workouts individually, with Pairs & Teams adding their scores together to be entered on the leaderboard.


2. There is no requirement for athletes to perform the qualifier workouts in the same physical location.

3. Athletes may choose to register for the qualifier in multiple competitions, however may only accept an invite to one.