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Online Qualifier Workout 2

Workout 2


AMRAP in 10 minutes:

50 cal Row

100 Wall Balls

150 Double Unders

20 Muscle Ups

Men use: 9kg ball to a 10ft target

Women use: 6kg ball to a 9ft target

Workout Flow

This workout begins with the athlete seated on the rower however they must not touch the handle until the call of ‘Go', with the monitor being set to zero at the beginning of each round. Upon completion of the 50 calorie row, the athlete will move forward to perform 100 wall balls, followed by 150 double unders, and then 20 muscle ups. Should the athlete complete the round within the 10 minutes they will start round 2 back on the rower.

The score for Workout 2 will be the total repetitions completed in 10 minutes (1 calorie = 1 rep).

Movement Standards:


The athlete may begin the workout seated on the rower, however they must not touch the handle until the call of ‘Go'. The monitor must be set to zero, with the athlete remaining seated on the rower until the monitor reads 50 cals.

Wall Ball

The wall ball begins at the the bottom of the squat with the hip crease clearly below the knee, and ends with the ball being thrown to clearly strike the wall above the prescribed height. After striking the target, the athlete may not catch the ball on the bounce and continue immediately into the next rep. The ball must settle on the ground before being picked up to perform the next rep.

Double Under

The rope must pass completely under the feet twice on each jump. The rope may only spin forwards not backwards.

Muscle Up

The muscle up begins with a straight arm hang below the rings with the arms fully extended and the feet off the ground. The rep is complete when the arms are fully locked out with the athlete stacked on top of the rings. Kipping is allowed however uprises or rolls to support are not permitted.

Video Submission Standards:

All videos must be uncut and unedited. A clock timer must be clearly visible throughout the entire workout.

Ensure the wall ball target is clearly shown on the video to be set at the appropriate height using a tape measure. If a line on the wall is being used, the ball must strike the wall clearly above the line to be deemed a good rep. Shoot the video from an angle so that all movements can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards.

At the commencement of each row the monitor must clearly be seen to display zero, as well as to show 50 calories at the end before the athlete is unseated. Should the athlete finish the workout on the rower the monitor must also be shown on the video to display how many calories were achieved.

The preferred clock timer of the Torian Pro is WODProof.

Download here

Beginner Team Scaling

AMRAP in 10 minutes:

50 cal Row

100 Wall Balls

150 Single unders

20 Chin over the bar pull ups

Men use: 6kg ball to a 10ft target.

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