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Online Qualifier Workout 1 & 1a

Workout 1: 🔥

AMRAP in 7 minutes: 7 Toes to bar 7 Burpee over the bar 7 Power Cleans 61kg/42.5kg

Workout 1a: 🏋🏽‍♂️

Establish a max clean & jerk.

Codeword: Blackjack ♠️

Workout Flow:

This workout begins with the athlete standing under the pull up bar. After the call of 3, 2, 1, Go, athletes may begin their reps of toes to bar. Upon completion of the 7 toes to bar, the athlete will move forward to perform 7 bar facing burpees followed by 7 cleans. When the last power clean is completed, the athlete will move back to the pull up bar to start the next round.

The score for workout 1 will be the total repetitions completed in 7 minutes.

When the clock reaches 7 minutes, Workout 1a will immediately begin on the same running clock. The athlete will have 5 minutes, from 7:00 to 12:00, to complete Workout 1a.

The score for workout 1a is total weight lifted and the official weight will be in kilos. Athletes may only lift to the nearest 0.5kg increment. No smaller fraction of a kilo will be credited. Any athlete using pounds must convert to kilos, rounding down to nearest half kilo.

Another person may assist the athlete in changing the plates on the barbell during the workout or multiple barbells can be preloaded and used. Collars must be in place outside the plates on all attempts.

Movement Standards:

Toes to bar

The athlete will go from a straight arm hang to having both toes touch the pull up bar at the same time. At the bottom of the movement, the heels must be brought back behind the plane of the upright.

Burpee over the bar

The burpee must be performed perpendicular to, and facing, the barbell. The athlete may jump or step back to lie on the ground. Their head must be behind the barbell with the chest and the thighs touching the ground at the bottom. From this position, the athlete can step or jump to their feet. The athlete must jump over the barbell using a two foot take off. A single leg jump or stepping over the bar is not permitted. The athlete does not have to land on the ground with both feet at the same time. The rep is credited when both feet touch the ground, on the opposite side of the bar.


A muscle clean, power clean or split clean can be used. The barbell must come up to the shoulder with the hips and knees fully extended and feet inline with elbows in front of the bar.

Clean & Jerk

For workout 1a, any style of clean and jerk may be used. A muscle clean, power clean, squat clean or split clean can be used to get the bar to the shoulders. Once at the shoulder, a press, push press, push jerk or split jerk may be used to get the bar overhead (the bar may not come from the back rack). The lift will be deemed complete, when the barbell is at full lockout overhead, with hips, knees and arms fully extended and the bar directly over the middle of the body.

Video Submission Standards:

The Code word must be stated at the start of the video before the workout commences

Codeword: Blackjack ♠️

All videos must be uncut and unedited. Prior to starting film all the plates and barbell to be used so loads can be seen clearly. A clock timer must be clearly visible throughout the entire workout. Shoot the video from an angle so that all movements can be clearly seen meeting the movement standards. At the end of the 12 minute workout, the athlete must clearly show the weight on the barbell, and also state the last successful lift that was made.

The preferred clock timer of the Torian Pro is WODProof.


Workout Redo:

Should the athlete choose to redo the workout, you must withdraw your scores for both workout 1 and 1a and resubmit both scores from the second attempt. You may not use your score from your first attempt at workout 1 and your score from your second attempt at workout 1a or vice versa.

Beginner Team Scaling 👭👬

Workout 1: 🔥

AMRAP in 7 minutes: 7 Hanging knee raises 7 Burpee over the bar 7 Power Cleans 42.5/29kg

Workout 1a: 🏋🏽‍♂️

Establish a max clean & jerk.

Movement Standards:

Hanging knee raise

The heels must be behind the plane of the bar at the bottom of the movement, with the rep being credited when the knees are brought above the hip at the top of the movement.

Burpee over the bar

The Burpee standard will be the same as the RX divisions except the athlete IS ALLOWED to step over the bar with one foot leaving the ground at a time.


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